Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How will supporting me make an eternal impact?

How does a "Director of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships" help the orphans in Zambia?”  
Family Legacy's logo is a drop of water with concentric circles expanding out from the center.  As the ministry walks through its tenth year, God has blessed us with ripples that extend to great widths.  We take over 400 Americans every summer to minister to the 7,000 children who will attend CampLife throughout the summer. They see children in poverty and despair AND they see children tucked under the umbrella of the Family Legacy Ministry.  The difference between these two 'camps' of children is tremendous and it is rooted in the hope of Christ that breathes life into places where once there had been only darkness.   Our American "CampLIFERS" spend a week with 10-15 vulnerable children and orphans, showering them with love and teaching them the Gospel.  The result is usually an American on FIRE! They have a huge passion to speak out on behalf of "their" children to friends, families and acquaitnences.  

Sometimes they need help making this happen!
My job is to provide resources, time and ideas to our ambassadors as they speak on behalf of the children of Zambia. As the circles of this minstry continue to expand, more and more people daily hear about the work that GOD is doing in Zambia and want to be a part of it.  I help connect people and their resources to the children and projects with our ministry where they are needed most.
I talk with:
Churches who are wanting to partner with us for part of their missions outreach,
Medical Doctors wanting to donate time or equipment,
Teachers wanting to give their time to teach or to train teachers,
Companies wanting to donate shoes or uniforms,
Schools wanting to donate textbooks...
The list goes on and on.
God has been so faithful to His children in Zambia and there is much work to do!
Because of Your donation to my support account, 95% of the recources that I am able to help channel into the minstry go directly to the vulnerable children and orphans of Zambia, making an ETERNAL DIFFERENCE!

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