Sunday, January 23, 2011

a celebration...

Our first Sunday here we went to church at the Tree of Life Children's Village, the village that Family Legacy has been building and moving children into since 2009.  It is this incredibly beautiful piece of land with a hilltop that looks over Lusaka.  There are just over a hundred children living their full time.  They go to school there, church there, live there and love there.  They are a family of orphans each with a sponsor in the states whose monthly sponsorship provides them the opportunity to receive nutrition, an education and discipleship.  They are children who know suffering all too well now living in a place where they are loved by house moms, pastor, teachers and a multitude of brothers and sisters.

They gather for church every Sunday and have worship, prayer and teaching.  As they enter the church room, each child is given Kwacha to put in the offering plate.   Pastor Eric, one of our Zambian Staff teachs there every week and Gilbert, another Zambian Staff lead the children in worship.   Children help lead in worship, set up the chairs, collect the offering, share in testimony, recite memory verses they have been studying, lead in prayer and the older children help manage the behavior of the younger ones.

As in any group... roles always develop and certain personalities emerge as leaders and different roles are assumed.  It was fasciniating to watch this unfold there.  That day was a celebration of the New Year and so after church the house moms prepared a big feast for the children.  The children used mealie meal bags and 'de-threaded' them and used the string to tie in the trees and hang ballons from.  

It was incredible to watch the set-up of this party.  They then set-up a speaker and danced and sang.

This hideaway for orphans is not for the fatherless.  Each of these children know they have a FATHER that loves them inifintely more than they could be loved by anyones else here on earth.  They know that God is good and has rescued them from situtations unimaginable to us.  They have much to celebrate.  And so they did!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences and pictures! What a llife-changing adventure for your whole family! Thanks for your willingness to go.


  2. It is a privilege to partner with and pray for you guys as you serve in Zambia. Thanks for sending the link to your blog!

    One question--what is Kwacha?

    Amy Wilkins

  3. Kwacha is Zambia's form of the dollar.

    Erin, keep the updates coming!!