Saturday, January 22, 2011

Emmy licking the streets of Lusaka

Emerson has made herself home here and there is nothing that is too dirty or disgusting for her to lick, drop her passy in or drag her blanket through.  Needless to say, she has been sick quite a bit.  She is still at that age where she cathches a lot of things, even if we were in the States.  However, here, in the back of your mind you are hoping that is nothing worse.

We made out first trip to an international clinic and it was such a different experience!  Everyone was so nice and they found she just had a virus.  We found out the clinic is where our government pays for employees and their families to be seen while they are here.  That made us feel confident that we had taken her to the right place.  However, we are continually praying for the safety and health of our children here... Please pray with us.  Here is a picture of the clinic...

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