Saturday, January 22, 2011

rainy season

It rains here everyday.  Not all day, but for some portion of everyday.  It sounds awful, but I really don't mind it much... However I am not trying to navigate through the communities like our Zambian staff or Clay and Megan.  I also have shelter over my head and the heads of my family.  I often think, while I lay in my bed under my mosquito net, about the children who our ministry is desperately trying to reach, sitting in the rain, in the dark and alone.  I am heart broken and thankful that they too are under the protection of our LORD who loves them more than I and is fully equipped for caring for their needs.  And then I am thankful that God is using us in some small way to serve these children and so I pray that our work here would glorify Him and would be mightly producitve.

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