Saturday, January 22, 2011


Shifting is the word used here for moving... If we are shifting children, we are moving them somewhere.  And for our use, within Family Legacy, it is often somewhere better than where they were!  Since we have been here, we have been working diligently to 'shift' children into some of our Father's Heart Community Resource Centers.  (CRC's)  Some of the physical aspects of this process are to gather mattresses, bunk beds, and blankets and deliver them to the different CRC's in the communities around Lusaka.  This is not an easy job.  Not one furniture maker has the right number of beds.  It requires several different stops and several different furniture makers.  Getting through the communities and around town is some days next to impossible due to the condition of the streets becuase of the rains.   Transportation is not easy in the city and is expensive and inconvenient.  However, the work to collect these beds and deliver them to their new home is a blessing becuase it is instantly rewarding.  A child has a new home!  A child has a bed to sleep in.  A child is entering into a safe haven where they can heal, be educated, be loved, discipled and fed.  That is worth any amount of work and we are happy to do it and consider it an honor to work in this way.
The boys have been with Clay several times to collect beds and deliver them into the communities.  Clay said they were a huge help and they loved the work.  I am thankful this is part of their life, hopefully forever shaping their perspective.

On one occasion, Bennett wore his hat covering one eye.   Just one.  He wanted to make sure he could see.  For those of you who know Bennett, will love him all the more for this...

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