Wednesday, February 9, 2011

chame, chame, chame, chameleon... they come and go.

This is the little guy that started it all.
His name is Cham and he has perched himself on nearly every surface in our home.
He has been held, fed grasshoppers and cared for VERY personally by P, even though wikipedia advises against it :o)
I found out from some of our friends that they have let them live in their homes, their homeschool rooms and their Christmas trees. But I have seen their poop and so I draw the line... he may visit inside but he may not live there! Dan, the gardener and the kids have built a very ingenious habitat for him and he seems pretty content in there.

Several days later we found this guy...

He is grey and has red eyes and does not like to be held. This guy is not nearly as friendly as Cham... in fact he is very aggresive towards him. He raises his little neck flap and then tries to attack Cham. We had to build this guy his own habitat. He has a strong will and would not be contained. He never gave up his hopes of freedom and one night when them time was right, he escaped... He made a good show and tell though!

This is a worm or caterpillar we found. He is HUGE! He has suction feet and is squishy and green. Emmy pickes him up and I am scared she is going to squeeze him in her fist really tight and squish him to death. Ellie will even hold him.
She took him as part of her show-n-tell. This little guy has esaped to freedom and probably saved his own life... and people think it is dangerous in the wild!

After the escape of the cranky grey chameleon (aka. Bennett's Chameleon) Every gardener in Mulungushi was put on high alert. "We are in desperate need of another green, friendly chameleon. Please let us know if you find one. We are in villa 38." Yesterday, Dan saved the day. We are now the proud owners of a much friendlier green chameleon, whom I belive still remains unnamed. Pictures to follow....

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