Monday, February 7, 2011

Homeschool Show-n-Tell

We have been working very hard to meet people and get connected so that our children will feel at home and in a community of people. There is a group of home-schoolers here and they have been sooo gracious to us, inviting our kids and me into their world. I am continually thankful for these new friendships.

This past Friday was “Home-school Show-and-Tell.” I was a little nervous we would be the slacker home-schoolers since we are just getting settled into our new life of schooling at home! Thankfully, we have a small reptile farm accumulating at our house. We took our reptiles and our paintings that the kids had been working on. The boys were so sweet to help the girls present their work. They were kind and nurturing and encouraging. It was precious! We had a great time and there were so many children!! It was so fun to see them enjoying each other’s company. God has each of these children and their families here for different purposes, different ministries and from different backgrounds, and he has each of these children in this specific place for this specific time. May the Lord’s name be made great through these children, their families and their mission here.

Here are some pictures of the kids "showing and telling"


  1. These "snaps" are so sweet, Erin! Love you all so much and am glad the home-schooling is working out---the Lord is the BEST TEACHER of all, yes?

  2. Love reading this, and seeing how you guys are! I love seeing how happy the kids seem to be. Glad you found some fellow homeschoolers... makes things a little easier! Praying for you guys daily! The boys say hey, and our Emmy says a special hi to Ellie. We miss you and are praying daily for you all!

  3. I miss the kids SO much! They look SO SO big! Love all of you :) Aunt Kimmy

  4. also, when can we skype?! Olivia misses seeing everyone, too