Monday, April 18, 2011

Little Hands...

My mom took this picture when she was here.  (That is a post in itself, of which I will save til later...)
This picture stirs up a lot of emotion for me.

Now looking at this picture, several weeks removed, so many questions come to mind.  
Do these little hands have someone to hold when they pray?  
Do they have hands to hold and walk with them when they are afraid?  
Do these little hands have someone to teach them how to hold a pencil or make a funny face?
Do they have someone to make sure their hands are clean before they eat? Do they GET to eat?

I don't know the answers to these questions, they are overwhelming to me and the likelihoods are heartbreaking.   However, the God that I serve KNOWS.  I know that he will never let go of these children and that His love enfolds them every minute of every day.

The other direction my mind goes when I look at this picture is this...
These little hands are outside the gate at our Community Resource Center in Matero.  On a normal day the children are allowed here to play, laugh, be discipled, tutored, counseled, loved on and prayed for.  This day, for the purposes of 'crowd control' (our presence was drawing alot of children), they were shut out.  They were so cute, looking under the fence to see what was going on.  You could hear little voices saying, "Let us in!"

They were on the outside.  This is the condition we are all in.  That is, until God adopts us into His family.  We have nothing to offer but dirty hands and filthy rags.  Following is a line from a song that I have been listening to over and over.  It is on the new worship album that our home church just released.  "The best I have to offer are these filthy rags, and yet You love me.  All things in me call for my rejection.  All things in You plead my acceptance.  The cross is where I find death, is where I find life.  Where mercy found me."   

I find myself thinking of the Mercy that found me when I was on the outside as I had nothing to offer, nothing that pleased the Lord.  Yet He loved me and offered me acceptance.  Would you pray with me for their salvation?  If you are a child of God will you pray that Mercy will find them the way it found you?  Is the Lord calling you to adopt one of these children into your family through sponsorship with Family Legacy?  The way the Lord will use YOUR sarifice in a child's life is yet to be kown.   And how incredible would it be to see the Lord use your sponsorship as a vehicle for a child to enter the Kingdom of God?


  1. WOW! Very powerful Erin! Please keep posting. They are inspiring,humbling and compelling! You and Clay are strong advocates fothe of kids and people of Zambia! My heart is so touched!

  2. Hi Erin! My name is Tammy Yount and I had the privelage to meet and serve with your hubby last year in Zambia. I can't wait to get back there in July and hopefully meet you and your precious family!! I just had to comment on this beautiful just touched my heart and I want to thank you! Would you mind if I shared your words and this picture with a church group I'm sharing with.. What a mighty God we serve and I'm in Awe of the tender Mercy HE sheds on me everyday~