Thursday, May 12, 2011

everything is double double!

clay carrying our little 'sack of potatoes'

Clay has been working very hard to acclimate himself to the way the ministry runs on this side. One project he has been working on is consolidating the food purchases that Family Legacy makes each month to feed the children who live with us full time. He discovered all of the homes were making weekly food purchases of all of the same items. Clay met with all of the house moms and gathered information on what and how much they were buying of each item.

Bulk is a different concept here. It is frequent to go to the grocery store and find that it is MUCH cheaper to buy TWO, mabye even THREE of a smaller item that to buy ONE of a larger size. He spent time going to the manufacturers to negotiate deals for buying the food in large quantities.

He began last month by purchasing the mealie meal (the main staple in the diet here and most of southern Africa) and distributing it to the homes with good results. This month, he consolidated all of the dry goods and spent a couple of days with our Zambian staff distributing the food throughout the city. It was very encouraging. He estimated that he will be able to save the ministry over $600 a month with this effort. Saving this money will allow it to be reinvested in the ministry in a different way. We are grateful for this very practical way Clay could serve Family Legacy and the children of Zambia!

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  1. Way to go Clay! That's my business man at work, lol. THink of you guys often, and pray for you guys regularly. BTW, I'm going to assume you will be on my Board again for this next year.
    Continue to make a difference in lives there in Zambia - those of the Zambian kids, those of YOUR kids, and in your own lives! Love you both, Brett