Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Homeschool Science Fair

Our homeschool group did a science fair last month.  Being new,  I didn't really know what to expect and I was scared we would look like the 'new kids.'  We worked really hard on our projects. It was fun and a great expereince for the children.

Parker chose to do a baking soda and vinegar volcano.  He practiced it many times; demonstrating it for our gardnener, house helper and taxi driver, all who were very impressed!
 He reported on what caused the reaction and how it worked.  
He even forgot the 'recipe' at home and made it work anyway!
In case you are wondering how it does work... the baking soda and vinegar cause a reaction which produces a gas.  The gas gets trapped in the soap bubbles and make a foam.  
Which then explodes all over the city melting everything in its path!  He did a GREAT job!

Bennett chose to do a 'shake table.'  He originally wanted to do a robot, but all of my research proved this to be an IMPOSSIBLE task to complete in Zambia. With the recent earthquake in Japan and his passion for Legos we thought this was a perfect project for him.  

 His shake table was built with a dissambled binder, a lego foundation, 1" rubber balls and some rubber bands.  He put it all together and then built some lego buildings of different heights.  He placed them on the Lego base and then used a 'lateral displacement' of 5cm to shake the table.  
He learned that taller buildings have less stability than shorter buildings.  
His presentation was a little hard to hear because he was being shy.  
But if you COULD have heard it, it was very impressive! He did a GREAT job!

Ellie's project was about mixing colors and was made possible by my dear friend Katy.  
She came over and helped Ellie do her project while I helped the boys!  Thanks Katy!
Ellie was so proud of her work!
This picture is so representative of Elliana right now.  
She is holding her hand up saying, "No mom, don't tell me."
Here she is saying, "Mom, what is this color?  I forget."  Thank you to whoever took this picture...  
I cherish this sweet independance and dependance at the same time.
Ellie did a GREAT job!

Emerson (our little joy) stood beside us and participated by being super cute!  The red mark on her nose is a recovering injury from being hit in the face with a bat.  She is tough, tough as nails!    


  1. Erin and Hugheys!!!!! So glad life in Zambia is stretching and re-shaping you all in such amazing ways---can't wait to come on the "other side" and spend some time enjoying each of you---blessings on each of you!! Auntie Paige :)

  2. I read "gardener, housekeeper, and taxi driver" and kind of glazed over on the rest. :) Glad to see your smiling faces here. I keep you in my prayers.