Monday, May 9, 2011

my, how times have changed!

Communicating with family
Skype has been a huge blessing in our lives!  It has allowed our kids to stay in touch with their family and friends in really unique ways!  Parker calls his friend and they play their DS together or play games like Sorry that they enjoyed playing together in the States.  My favorite was when his friend used ON-DEMAND TV to let him watch a show on the Disney Channel!  Bennett and Ninnie have an ongoing UNO tourney.  Whoever wins the most hands between now and when she gets here in June wins an ice-cream purchased by the other person!
Ellie and Ali get online and have tea parties, play Pretty Pretty Princess or show each other the things they have been coloring or making in school.

Instead of seeing each other face-to-face my kids are able to connect with people they love virtually.  It is a really neat blessing for my children, their friends and for their grandmothers, who miss them dearly.

Peer Pressure
We sleep under Mosquito nets every night.  My children have what is called a 'conical' tent on their bed. We have a 'rectangular' net on our bed.  The rectangular shape is a little more comfortable because it does not drape quite so close to your face.  The boys are begging us for a rectangular net.  After playing at a friend's house Parker came home and said, "Mom, can I please have a rectangular mosquito net?  All my friends have one."

We have to had make quite a few adjustments to our eating.  Cheese is REALLY expensive so we buy a monthly allotment and eat it sparingly.  Spaghetti seems like it would be a great dinner to have but one small jar of spaghetti sauce costs over $5.  So, I have been making my own.  The bread is priced relatively well but it does not hold up well.  So, I have been making my own.  I have been making pizza dough and pizza sauce.  Clay is way too busy to make and plan meals like he really loves to do.  So, I have been making and planning dinner myself and purchasing food in the craziest places such as wholesale food places, in-town food markets and chinese farms!  

Things have changed but we are really dong well!  God is faithful and good.  We are blessed!

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  1. We miss y'all!! Anything you need me to bring with Josh when he comes? He leaves on the 28th. Let me know. Hope you had a very happy mother's day, Erin! XOXO!