Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Meet Gloria...

Gloria lives with her mom and dad and goes to Bauphne Government School.  She likes school and when she completes school when she helps her mother and family.  She likes English and wants to be a lawyer.  She has 4 other brother and sisters.  Her parents go the Apostle Church and her mom and dad Christians.  The father works as a gardener and the mother sells tomatoes and vegetables.  She does not have a good pair of shoes and has had the same school uniform since grade 3.  She is sometimes able to eat three times a day and sometimes once a day.  She feels loved by her father and knows that he prays for her and asks the people from church to come and pray for her when she is sick.  She loves cleaning the house and has several close friends.  She often has bad dreams and when she does have them, she will wake up and begin praying.

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