Friday, July 22, 2011

Meet Irene...

Irene is Ruth’s sister and is also 11, however, they are not twins.  Ruth is almost 12 but she is still in grade 5 with Ruth. She goes to Jatisha school in Kenyama.  She lives with her mom and dad and eats once or twice a day.  Both of her parents are witch doctors and her father is away right now in the village trying to make money farming.  She sleeps on the floor of her two roomed home. She has some health issues and it makes her feel sad.  She had ring-worms and has been given medicine for it but it still causes her chest pain.  If asked if she could change one thing about her life she would like to change her health. .  She feels loved by her father but does not feel that her mother loves her very much.  They go to the church of Zion, which is an occult church.  She accepted Christ during Camp LIFE.  She wants for me to pray for her that she could become a teacher.  Is God asking you to sponsor her?  

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