Wednesday, July 20, 2011

meet my girls...

I will be doing a post everyday for the next ten days to introduce you to the girls that were in my group this year at Camp LIFE.  We are asked to pull each girl aside and talk to them about their life.  We ask them questions like, "Who do you live with?  Do you go to school?  How many times a day do you eat?  Where do you sleep?  Who do you feel loved by?  If you could change one thing about your life wat would it be?  How can I pray for you?  What are you afraid of?  What makes you happy?  What makes you feel sad?"  These questions help us get to know the children and determine which children are in the worst of situations and in need of the most help.  My girls are all available to be sponsored and many of them are living in very poor conditions and many in homes with little love and several with abuse.  

A monthly sponsorship of $40 a month would provide her with:
1.  A Zambian Discipleship Leader who develops a relationship witheach girl and their household. Our more than 250 Zambian staff is working throughout the year to bring comprehensive change into the lives of the children and their households.

2.  Every sponsored child has access to our Community Resource Centers, which are youth centers staffed by discipleship leaders and located strategically in the communities where the children live. During the day, they are a safe place to play, study and have fun. At night, they serve as a refuge that a child can run to in times of trouble.
3.  An opportunity to receive an education.  Each child will receive school supplies and their school fees paid.  Where possible, the child will have access to our Lifeway Christian Academies which have well educated teachers and low teacher to student ratios.  Each one of our Lifeway Christian Academies provide a quality Christian education that FAR surpasses what they would be able to get on their own.  We have found that when the burden of education is lifted from these families  the parents many times are able to treat the children better and it improves family environments. 
I ask that you would take the time to read through each of these girl's stories and I pray that God would prick your heart for one of them and you would consider spornsoring them.  You will not be disappointed and the Kingdom of God will never be the same for your investment!
Meet Esther!

Esther is 11 years old, in grade 6 and lives in Kenyama.  She goes to school at Bupe Private school in John Ling.  She lives with her mother and father, brother and sister.  She has an uncle that pays for some of her siblings to go to a school in Australia.  Her dad works for a company and her mom is gone a lot buying and selling fish in the Copperbelt.  Esther loves mathematics and reading books and wants to be a lawyer.  Her mom is very cruel to her and often does not pay her school fees.  She is beaten by her mother and sister and is condemned when she asks for money to buy soap to wash her school uniform.  Her mother blames her for all of the hard work she does to care for Esther.  She does not feel loved by her mother or father.  She feels loved be her brother as he sometimes pays her school fees for her.  She was so thankful for the school shoes she received and cried and cried during our conversations.  She is in a lot of pain.  Louise (Clay's mom) captured this moment of our blessing time together.

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  1. Sweet Esther...this is a beautiful post and helps me to think about how to concisely provide my friends and family with all the information about sponsorships. Are all of your girls from John Leing? My boys are! :) Mac and I trying to raise money for an LCA there right now. :)
    Sorry I'm stalking your blog now...