Saturday, July 23, 2011

Meet Nester...

Nester is 15 years old and is in grade 7.  Nester lives with her father and mother.  When she is able she goes to Njatashi community school in Kenyama.  She has 5 brothers and sisters and her father is a drunk. She does not feel loved by her father, in fact she says that her father does not love the children.  She does not feel safe with him.  He insults Nester and her mother and beats them both. Her father does not do anything for work and her mother sells Kapenta out of their home.  Nester sleeps on the floor of the sitting room and if she could change one thing about her life it would be that she would be able to complete school.  She asked us to pray that she would be able to get a school uniform and shoes and that someone would help her mother by paying for school.  She loves English and science and wants to be a nurse.   Nester accepted Christ during Camp LIFE this summer!  Would you sponsor Nester?

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