Sunday, July 24, 2011

Meet Tesa...

 Tesa is 10 years old is in grade 3 and lives in Kenyama.  She goes to a government scool called Chibola Basic School.  She has never seen her father; he died when she was a baby.  Her mother lives in Kitwe and has 5 children.  She is struggling to provide for the children as she is disabled and cannot walk.  When one of her sisters died her aunt came and took her to live with her in Lusaka.  She now lives with her aunt and cousin. 
Her aunt owns a bar and will make dinner for her when she gets home which is between 10pm to midnight. Often Tesa goes from 7a.m. until 12a.m. with no food.  Her aunt will give her 1000pin (2 dimes) to buy lunch with, which will afford her maybe two small pieces of candy. 
She most fear being beaten by her aunt.  Her aunt will sometimes give her 1 dime to go and buy soap with to wash her school uniform and if she takes too long to fetch the soap her aunt will beat her.  Her cousin often lies saying that she has stolen some relish from them and both her cousin and her aunt will beat her. Her aunt and cousin will sometimes put a pot on Tesa’s head so they do not have to watch and listen to her cry while they beat her.   The two will eat bread and jelly in front of her and not give her any jelly for her bread.  Her cousin tells her that she hates her and beats her often.  Even the aunt threatens to chase her away. They go to church and refuse to let her go.  When asked if she could change one thing about her life she says, “I cry for a place where I could go to church.”  She is happy when her aunt is not home and she feels loved by her true mother.  The pictre on the right is of Tesa witnessing with the Evangecube to a group of grown men and women and a crowd full of people.  This little girl is brave and will be mighty for the kingdom.  Will you sponsor her?

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